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Startup Happy

Website to help startup businesses find their footing.

React + Rails 5 web application, using Twilio video conferencing, Oauth, and TDD.

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Telefio sms service

Telefio is a group message sms service.

Made using TDD, Stripe webhooks, Twilio SMS service, and Ruby on Rails

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Agenda Discovery data scraping

Agenda Discovery is a real-time document aggregating service to help companies keep track of legislation relavent to them.

Technology used includes Solr indexing, Selenium, Xpath, Import.io, Bootstrap and JQuery

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Ethereum Blockchain API

Integration of Etherscan API to scan the Ethereum blockchain.

Click here for a list of transaction numbers you can use in the search

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React Task Manager

Demo React + Redux application for managing a SCRUM tasklist, within a Ruby on Rails app.

Add or remove tasks to an AGILE/SCRUM list

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Web Scraper Demo

Try my demo webscraper. This scraper obtains product names and prices from an Amazon search. Handles pagination. (Visit)

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Event Planner's Website

Wordpress site for event planning company in Austin Texas. Client needed help to fix the broken website functionaliy, re-write the styles on each page, customize the wordpress theme, and add page scrolling animations. (Review)

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Ultrasound Data Visualization

Version 1.0: A stand alone Windows app using MATLAB to process ultrasound data and create color mapped image.

Version 2.0: A stand alone Windows app using MATLAB GUI which performs file selection, sorting and creates an mp4 video from the sorted charts. Sorts hundreds of files at one time.

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About me

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Randall here of Randall Coding LLC. I'm a Ruby on Rails web developer with a strong analytical background. JQuery, HTML5/CSS3, APIs, Ruby, web scraping, data analysis? I've got you covered.

Native born US citizen, living in Phoenix, Arizona.

Overview of my skills:

Ruby on Rails web applications.

Testing with Rspec, Capybara and Selenium. TDD/BDD.

JQuery, AJAX and Coffeescript.

Web scraping with Ruby and Selenium

Heroku deployments, EC2 deployments.

Postgres database implementation

MATLAB and C++ for computation of data sets

API integrations, JSON and XML parsing

User databases, secure logins and admin authorization

Stripe payment processing

Graduate work in computer science

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